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David, who grew up in the birthplace of hot pot – Chengdu and Chongqing in Sichuan, has been associated with Sichuan cuisine since childhood and has assisted the prosperity of many well-known hot pot brands. He has more than 10 years of relevant experience and the hot pot culture and their respective merits in the two places. The experience is quite deep. In David’s opinion, the hot pot is the essence of Sichuan cuisine, and the essence of the essence comes from the Soup Base, a variety of plain raw materials collide together, the wonderful taste guests love. Gourmet. Spicy and fragrant soup combined together, poultry seafood and seasonal vegetables, and the abundant variety of food can be used in …
In September 2017, we brought David’s Hotpot to Melbourne, dedicated to the most authentic and authentic Sichuan butter hot pot, spreading the Sichuan food culture and comforting the homesickness of overseas travelers. David’s Hot Pot adopts the authentic Sichuan hot pot soup base production method. From the purchase of raw materials and ingredients to the refining of the dining environment and service of our guests, we strive to be professional and rigorous. A batch of special decorations, lamps, tables and chairs, and special tableware are shipped from China and are designed to let every diner appreciate the profoundness of Chinese hot pot culture. Feel the same authentic dining experience as in China.
In November 2018, with the initial heart of spreading more Sichuan cuisine, our David’s Spicy Pot was officially opened. The original material is still in the same way. It is made from traditional Sichuan craftsmanship with dozens of Chinese herbs and slow cooked bone soup. In addition to the spicy Sichuan and Bone soup series, there are many authentic Sichuan Street food. 100% authentic Sichuan taste, look forward to diners from all walks of life to taste.
Although we are overseas, we have always remembered our original heart and never slacked off. We are committed to inheriting and carrying forward the authentic Chinese flavor overseas, so that authentic Sichuan cuisine can be known to more international friends.

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