TRAIDING HOURS:16:30 – 01:00

Rio Grape Brandy: $12.00 Snow Beer package  (6 bottles)$46.8
Rio Peach Brandy: $12.00 Rio BlueBerry Whiskey: $12.00
Corona: $9.80 Snow Beer: $9.00

Choose Spicy Level
Non Spicy Little Spicy
Medium Spicy Very Spicy
Set Option:
$52  Set:Beef chuck skewer、Lamb skewers、Chicken wing tips、Enoki mushroom、Davids deep-fried pork belly
$82 Set:Crisp-fried sticky rice donut、Davids deep-fried pork belly、Grilled beef tendon、Grilled Duck Tongue、Pork belly skewer、Potato slices 、Eggplant
$112 Set:Grilled beef tendon、Beef chuck skewer、Lamb skewers、Pork belly skewer、Enoki mushroom、Eggplant、Potato slices、Edamame Soybean、Davids egg fried rice、Crisp-fried sticky rice donut 、Grilled Duck gizzard
$182  Set:Grilled pig intestines、Grilled beef tendon、Grilled Duck Tongue、Beef chuck skewer、Wagyu beef skewer、Lamb skewers、Pork belly skewer、Grilled Prawn、Enoki mushroom、Eggplant、Potato slices、Edamame Soybean、Davids egg fried rice、Davids deep-fried pork belly、Crisp-fried sticky rice donut
I Want More :
Must Try Meet Lover
Spicy grilled pigs brain $11.80 Beef chuck skewer $11.80
Grilled pig intestines $14.80 Wagyu beef skewer $19.80
Grilled beef tendon $11.80 Lamb skewers $9.80
Grilled Duck Tongue $12.80 Pork belly skewer $9.80
Bull’s penis skewer $12.80 Roasted pork skin $9.80
Grilled Duck gizzard $9.80 Grilled Crisp Pork Gristle$12.80
Grill Chinese Sausage $11.30 Chicken wing tips skewer $9.80
Grill Beef Trachea $ 12.8 Qual Egg $11.30
Best Mate Ocean
Edamame Soybean $9.20 Tasmanian oyster grilled in the shell $36.80
Spicy Duck Blood $ 13.8 Garlic scallop grilled in the shell $26.80
Non-Spicy Garlic Enoki Mushroom $8.8 Grilled Prawn $19.80
Vegetarian Snack
Juicy tofu cakes $14.80 Steamed pork ribs $19.80
Grilled Chinese chives $9.80 garlic crayfish $52.8
Enoki mushroom $9.80 Fried Long tail shrimp $12.80
Eggplant $11.80 Davids deep-fried pork belly $14.80
Potato slices $7.80 spicy brasided crayfish $52.8
Sweet deep- fried rice cake $9.80
Crisp-fried sticky rice donut $13.00
Grilled Clams $32.30
Davids egg fried rice $13.80
Braised Meat Combo $17.80

3.Grill Fish – Live Fish
Chose fish
Live Striped Bassa  $68.80 Live Barramundi $62.80
Chose Spicy Level
Little Spicy Medium Spicy Very Spicy
Chose Flavor
Sour Chilli Sichuan Spicy
Tomato Black Bean Sauce
Add On selection
there is Cucumber & Potato included:
Eggplant $4.90 Lotus Root $4.90
Cucumber $4.90 Enoki Mushroom $4.90
Potato $4.90 Steam Rice  $3.00
Tofu $4.90




DAVID’s Master Pot(Malatang)

TRAIDING HOURS:11:30 – 00:00

Part 1: Sichuan Snackie
Special Spicy Pig Blood with Intestines $9.80
Spicy Pig Brain $9.80
Sauteed Duck Gizzard and Pork Tripe $7.80
Signature Braised Potato $8.80
Homemade Pork-feet Soup $10.80
Sichuan Style Spicy Beef $8.80
Chef Signature Spicy Intestines $8.80
Supreme Spicy Tripes $8.80
Crispy Prawn Spring Rolls $8.80
Sichuan Spicy Potato Noodles $8.80
Special Sour-Spicy Rice Noodles $8.80
Special Sour-Spicy Rice Noodles【+Intestines】 $10.80
Mixed Spicy Skewers $8.80
Spicy pork-prawn Wonton Soup $14.80
Non-Spicy pork-prawn Wonton Soup $14.80
David’s Steam Egg $5.80
Sweet and Sour Pork Rib $7.80
Deep Fried Spring Rolls $4.80
Pan-fried Pork Bun $7.80

Part 2:Malatang Bowl Traditional Spicy Soup Pork Bone Soup Special Sour Soup【little spicy】 Stir-Fried Signature Spicy Pot Traditional Spicy Dry Pot
2.2 Choose SPICY Level Little/Medium/Extra Spicy NO NEED NO NEED Little/Medium/Extra Spicy Little/Medium/Extra Spicy
2.3 Choose You Bowl Type Hungry Beef Bowl Hungry Chicken Bowl Meat Lover Bowl Vegetarian Bowl Seafood Mix Bowl
Bowl contents+Noodles Beef Rolls Braised Chicken Wing Pork Roll Spanich Basa Fillet
Black Pepper Beef Braised Chicken Leg Spicy Beef Bok Choy Crab Stick
Beef Tripes Potato Slices Lamb Roll Konjak Lobster Ball
Braised Tripes Oyster Mushroom Spam Chiba Tofu Mussells
Potatoes Dry Beancurd Sheet Shrimp Dumplings Seaweed Seaweed
Noodles Potato Noodles Rice Noodles Udon Noodles Glass Noodles Instant Noodles
2.4 Choose BOWL SIZE Small: $20.8 Small: $18.8 Small: $20.8 Small: $17.8 Small: $20.8
S:480g M:650g L:900g Medium: $27.8 Medium: $26.8 Medium: $27.8 Medium: $24.8 Medium: $27.8
Large:$38.8 Large:$36.8 Large:$38.8 Large:$32.8 Large:$38.8
2.5 ADD-ON【100g/pc】 Add-on $3.2 Add-on $4.8 Add-on Premium $ 8.8
Fresh Tofu Fried Egg Crispy Pork Basa Fillet Hand-made Shrimp
Dried Beancurd Sheet Braised Egg Ham sausage Cuttlefish Fresh Beef Trachea
Frozen Tofu Fried Fish Ball Spicy Beef Squid Ball
Bean curd Sheet Fish Tofu Beef Roll Shrimp
Chiba Tofu Cuttlefish Tempura Lamb Roll Takoyaki
Konjac Fish Noodles Pork Roll Cheese Fish Cake
Napa Cabbage Sichuan Dried Ballonflower Beef fresh Tripes Sakura Shrimp
Spanich Milky Taro Stripes Thousand Layered Tripes Fish Sausage
Crown Daisy Bok Choy Braised beef Tripes Shrimp Dumpling
Lettuce Potatoes Braised Chicken wings Crab Stick
Seaweed Stripes Oyster Mushroom Braised Chicken Leg Lobster Ball
Cauliflower Mushroom Braised Chicken wings Fris Roe Tofu Pocket
Sweet potatoes Enoki Mushroom
Bamboo Shoot Fresh Sweet Potato Noodles
Black Fungus Broccoli

Part 3: Dessert
Glutinous Donuts with Brown Sugar
Rice Wine Ice Jelly
Brown Sugar Pie
Fried Sweet Wine Cake

Part 4: Drinks
Coke $4.5
Sprite $4.5
Plum Juice $4.5
Milkis Youklt $4.5
Arctic Ocean $4.5
Ice Soy Milk $4.5
Tsing Tao Beer $8
Snow Beer $8
Asahi Beer $8
Rio Cocktail $8