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David’s Hot Pot Brand Statement

Dear partners and valued customers,

First of all, we sincerely thank you for your trust, support and encouragement towards our David’s Hot Pot brand. We are honoured to have you with us throughout the development and growth of David’s Hot Pot. In the process of development, we may have encountered many difficulties and obstacles. Since our slogan is “Australia’s own Chinese dining brand,” we will persevere as long as we have everyone’s support. We will also be continuing to bring more amazing cultural culinary cuisine to our valued customers.

Therefore, to ensure the consistency of our recipe, service and David’s Hot Pot brand image, we hereby issue the following statement:

The David Management Group is the sole legal operator of David’s Hot Pot in Australia, owning the brand trademark, related intellectual property rights,recipe, and all legal rights. Any unauthorised use constitutes infringement, and David Management Group will do its utmost to protect the brand and consumers’ rights.

Effective immediately, the David Management Group has not authorised any company or individual to operate David’s Hot Pot in the state of Queensland in Australia. Our brand and trademark, David’s Hot Pot, has not authorised any brand agents or social media platforms in Queensland.

We highly value the consistency of our brand information and message to our value customers. For any unauthorised promotional materials, including but not limited to images, videos, text, misleading information etc., that threaten or harm the rights of the brand and the public consumers, we will take legal action to protect these rights.

We are well aware that the development of our brand relies on the trust of all consumers and partners. If you have been deceived by any marketing and promotions conducted under the name of “David’s Hot Pot Brisbane” without your knowledge, please contact us. We will do our utmost to protect your legal rights.

Once again, please accept our sincere thanks from all the staff and customers. Thank you for being with us all the way. Please stay tuned, as David’s Hot Pot will meet you again in Queensland in the very near future!


Public Relationship officer

David Management Group

25 March 2024





首先,衷心感谢您对大味老火锅品牌(DAVID’S HOT POT)的支持和鼓励,我们非常荣幸能够在您们的关注下一同见证品牌的发展和成长。在发展的过程中,我们会遇到许多的困难和阻碍,我们的口号是“澳大利亚华人自己的餐饮品牌”,我们会坚持下去,只要有大家的陪伴。


1.大味餐饮集团是大味老火锅(DAVID’T HOT POT)在澳洲的唯一合法运营方,拥有品牌商标,品牌相关知识产权及合法权益。所有未经授权的使用均属侵权行为,大味餐饮集团将竭尽全力保护品牌和消费者的权益。