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Travel back to the 80s with David’s Hot Pot!

With our newly renovated Melbourne CBD store, David’s Hot Pot intends to bring the 80s funk back for all our Hot Pot lovers. From smaller plates designed for you to enjoy more variety to friendly staff looking like they’re from the 80s, David’s Hot Pot aims to cater for an unforgettable experience.


Made With Funk From The 80s

Established in the year 2017, originating from where Hot Pot was created with over 30 years of experience, David’s Hot Pot aims to bring the best flavours from Chengdu to all food lovers throughout Australia.

Developed by award winning Chef David Li, David’s Hot Pot’s mission is to present the most traditional and authentic flavours of Sichuan cuisine for all food lovers in Australia.



Articlesand Reviews

  • David’s Hotpot

    Mamma and the fam LOVE a hot pot and David’s Hot Pot has just opened up in Point Cook for some hot soupy dipping deliciousness!

    Now - for those of you who haven’t done hot pot before make sure you read below for some tips and a bit of an explanation...Read more

  • David's Artisan Hot Pot

    Chongqing and its adjacent Sichuan Province are hot pot grandmasters. Here, specially designed tables are fitted with a sunken hot pot receptacle that houses an ornate steel pot...Read more

  • David’s Hot Pot, Doncaster East

     David’s Hot Pot arrived in Melbourne in 2017 and expanded to Doncaster East and Point Cook last year. Sichuan hotpot is the name of the game here.

    There are a variety of soup bases, which can be enjoyed as a single pot, or in up to 3 choices in the ‘Benz pot’ for variety...Read more

  • David’s Hot Pot

    David's Hot Pot has over 30 years of experience in authentic Sichuan soup bases combining traditional Sichuan ingredients with premium Australian produce.

    They have partnered with Australian farmers to ensure maximum freshness and quality everyday....Read more

  • David's Hot Pot

    If you are after an authentic and spicy Sichuan Hot Pot meal, David’s Hot Pot might just hit the spot for you. The restaurant has a few outlets and we were pleased that one ...Read more

  • Melbourne's best hot pots

    The undeniably carnal high that comes from dropping meat and veg into scalding broth powered by gas and flames at the dining table is something a good many of the world’s populations are into. China alone accounts for at least ten distinct varieties of hot pot across its highly nuanced regional gastro-map...Read more

  • The Best Restaurants in Melbourne for 2023

    If you’re after the real deal when it comes to Sichuan hot pot, you’ll find yourself in expert hands at this CBD spot — the first local outpost of a brand that originated in hot pot’s heartland of Chengdu. It’s buzzy, colourful and has the crowds flocking for big, fresh flavours and traditional Sichuan-style broths....Read more

  • David's Hotpot review

    The best thing about eating out in Melbourne isn't finding things that taste great, it's connecting with cultures all around the world without leaving the city. And, if I can assume that you, gentle reader, are not one of the 70,000 Chinese students living among us, then you – like me – will find David's Hotpot an energising, spicy adventure... Read more

  • David’s Hotpot - CBD

    David’s Hot Pot combines traditional Sichuan ingredients with premium Australian beef tallow, to provide an exciting variety of soup bases.

    They’ve partnered with Australian farms to ensure absolute freshness and quality for all of their ingredients...Read more