About Us

Welcome to David’s Hot Pot in Brisbane! We serve delicious Sichuan and Chinese cuisine, specialising in flavoursome and fiery hot pot dishes. Our experience with hot pots is lengthy and in-depth, taking inspiration from our sister restaurants in Melbourne and bringing the culinary craft of Sichuan cuisine to the people of Brisbane. We strive to serve authentic Sichuan cuisine, paying great attention to detail and ensuring only the best ingredients are used in our dishes. Gourmet soup bases act as the foundation of our hot pots, meticulously slow-cooked and made from a mixture of bones, Chinese herbs and Sichuan spices. These fragrant and spicy soups are expertly cooked to be enjoyed with a wide selection of fresh seafood, high-quality meat cuts and seasonal produce. Alongside our famous hot pots, customers can also try our delicious range of Sichuan street food. We invite you to dine with us at our restaurant inside Calamvale Central Shopping Centre and savour some traditional Chinese food. We’re passionate about sharing Sichuan flavours with international friends and always do so with attentive service and friendly hospitality. Our spacious and colourful dining room is decorated with Chinese-style furniture and ornamentation, creating an atmosphere that’s both laid-back and inviting. It’s the perfect environment to gather with friends or family and taste something truly unique. We look forward to seeing you soon!